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Premium Gold

About This Item

Upgrade your usergroup to Premium Gold for 1 month

This item can be purchased with 5 euro / 2 months via the donation sidebar.



Gold Benefits:


Allow name change once every 7 Days

Access to Signatures

Unlimited number of images,number of links, lines of text in signatures

Ability to Upload Attachments 50 MB

Highlight replies

Can edit own content and edit silently

Can hide own content

Can lock and unlock own content

Can promote to social media

Maximum profile photo size: 10 MB

Maximum profile photo width/height: 1000PX

Can upload animated avatars (gifs)

Maximum cover photo size: 10 MB

Can view Display Name History

Conversations allowed to start per day Unlimited

Conversations allowed to start per minute Unlimited

Conversation storage quota: 100

Can upload attachments in messages

Ability to create clubs (Unlimited) 

Maximum number of reactions allowed to give : 20

Monthly interest (Bank) : 12%

N$ per day : 50

N$ per week: 350

N$ per month: 1000

Premium Gold on NPowered URL Shortener ( NWN.RO )

Premium Gold on all official servers

Premium Gold Forum Badge (+200 Rank Points)

Infinite daily downloads

Infinite weekly downloads

Infinite monthly downloads

Maximum download speed

No waiting time for downloads

Infinite simultaneous files downloaded

Ability to charge N$ for downloadable files (EXCLUSIVE)




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