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[software] This new Microsoft PowerToy will fix one of the most annoying bits of multi-screen working


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This new Microsoft PowerToy will fix one of the most annoying bits of multi-screen working

By Anthony Spadafora 1 day ago


Having a hard time finding your mouse cursor? Microsoft's new PowerToy can help








(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Microsoft's PowerToys are open-source utilities that aim to make Windows users more productive and the next addition to the collection will address one of the most annoying aspects of using multiple monitors.


According to a recent tweet from the software giant's senior program manger Clint Rutkas, the company's next PowerToy will make things much easier for 4K monitor, ultrawide monitor and multiple monitor users.


When using multiple monitors or a single monitor with a high resolution, it can often be difficult to find one's mouse cursor while working. Thankfully though, Microsoft's new yet still unnamed PowerToy will highlight a user's mouse cursor with a white circle to make it easier to find.


While you can already enable an option that highlights your mouse cursor with rings when you press the control button, Rutkas explained in a reply to his original tweet that this new feature will be a “night and day difference” when compared to the company's existing solution for this common problem.



First introduced with Windows 95 and then brought back for Windows 10 two years ago, PowerToys are a set of tools that are designed to make it more convenient to use Microsoft's operating system to its full potential. However, while convenient, these tools aren't intended for the average user but for those who already know their way around Windows and want to be able to access key features and settings even quicker. 


Microsoft's current collection of PowerToys contains nine tools that allow Windows users to do things like rename multiple files at once, resize images, pick colors or open applications even faster using a quick launcher. One of the more recent additions to Microsoft's set of utilities is PowerToys Awake which allows you to prevent your PC from going to sleep for as long as you want to.  


With the recent release of Windows 11, the company has made it even easier for new users to take advantage of PowerToys by making its utilities available for download from the Microsoft Store as well as on GitHub.


While there are a number of productivity tools designed to help you get more done, PowerToys are available for free and were designed specifically to work with Microsoft's operating system.


Via MSPowerUser


Anthony Spadafora

Anthony Spadafora 


After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal and TechRadar. He has been a tech enthusiast for as long as he can remember and has spent countless hours researching and tinkering with PCs, mobile phones and game consoles.



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