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NPowered International [ENGLISH] - CS


Only those involved or those present + the server management (Founders / Managers /) are allowed to post in a complaint! looking black / -1

It is forbidden to borrow or use an access by someone other than the current owner! Any deviation from this rule will lead directly to the deletion of access!

Do not abuse and do not use the commands in your own interest: amx_say / amx_tsay / amx_csay. These commands are used to announce the link for ss / demo / last round, etc. looking black / -1

When you enter the server you play with the nickname you have on the admin, otherwise you will be sanctioned! looking black / -1

Respect each other, avoid quarrels on say or amx_chat as much as possible, if someone made a mistake, try to explain diplomatically, nicely, in a civilized way, without having a superior 'tone'!

If you have problems and you will be absent from the server for more than 7 days, you have the obligation to announce on the forum in the Absent Requests section!

Don't ban the ip class !! Only if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, and the ban should be a maximum of 120 minutes

Whoever is caught banning an IP class for "permanent" time will be severely punished, until removed!

When you are a spectator, use the amx_spectate command. looking black / -1

The UPs & Downs will be established only by the Founders

All admins are required to have a similar name on both the forum and the server to avoid some confusion or to put Specify's signature on the forum!

Both players and administrators are not allowed to monitor or say on TS3 / Skype / Discord etc the position of other players from the opposing team.

If that player has a demo made and posted, this excuse will not get rid of the money.

When you ban someone, give a clear reason (wall / aim / speed / language, etc.)! Reasons such as: pa, go out, sal, insults, etc. will be sanctioned.

If a Co-Founder or Owner is involved in a complaint, a FOUNDER will be notified to resolve the issue.
For the admin request the answer to the question 'Have you read the regulations? It's the keyword: "top1mondial"

When a coding is claimed on the server, you have the obligation to notify the player via psay that you are checking the suspect!





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