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Recruitment Campaign - Moderator / Designer


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Hello dear members And I found you well ! I would like to inform you that our community is looking for staff on the side of Moderators, Designers.


- You are subject to a 7-day testing period, and depending on your activity and involvement, we decide whether or not you remain on the staff.

- the campaign period is indefinite, so you can participate once every 7 days in case you are rejected.

- no extensive experience is required to join the Design team.

- In order to become a moderator, 2 mandatory conditions are imposed: MINIMUM 10 POSTS ON THE FORUM AND MINIMUM 7 DAYS OF NPOWERED.


- Below you will find the model for each grade provided


* Model to join the Moderator team:

-Your age:
-Link your profile Steam:

-Why do you want to join the NPOWERED team:
-Have you read the rules and are you able to use them correctly ?:



* Model to join the Designers team:

-Name & Surname:

- Link your profile Steam:

-How do you think you can help the design team?:
-Works or link to your gallery:
-Experience (not required):


- Leave a reply here with your request, and one of my colleagues will answer as soon as possible!








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I'm The Devil of my world

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-Name & Surname: Malek, sxz ;x
-Age: 19

- Link your profile Steam: -

-How do you think you can help the design team?: In models also in pictures
-Works or link to your gallery: 

-Experience (not required): 4 years in moddeling (CS) - 2 years in pictures (Basics)

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