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[CS] STAFF Rules


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Daca suspectati pe cineva de cheat, puneti-va spectator pe el si uitati-va atent (folositi amx_ss / demo)

Codatii cu ip dinamic vor fi banati pe nume si steamID.

Nu se da slap / slay / kick  fara motiv. -> AV / -1 / REMOVE

Nu abuzati de comenzile csay, tsay, psay, etc. -> AV / -1 

Harta va fi schimbata numai folosind comenzile amx_votemap și amx_votemapmenu . Regula se poate anula in cazul în care sunt mai putin de 10 jucători pe server, iar harta este prea mare sau cand sunt mai mult de 18 jucatori pe server si harta este prea mica. -> AV / -1 

Adminii nu au voie sa scoata ban-uri pe server, fara acordul unui Detinator si fara o cerere de UnBan. -> -1 / REMOVE

Inainte sa luati o decizie pe server (de exemplu sa schimbati harta) consultati-va si cu ceilalti admini prezenti in privinta acesteia, pentru o buna colaborare intre admini.

Adminii trebuie sa verifice forum-ul cel putin o data pe zi.

Daca lipsiti o perioada de timp mai mare de 7 zile, trebuie sa faceti o cerere de absenta la sectiunea dedicata > REMOVE

La intrebarea "Ai citit regulamentul?" trebuie sa raspundeti cu "CS.NPOWERED" pentru a nu fi respinsi.

Limbajul STAFF-ului trebuie sa fie unul exemplar, nu se accepta injuraturile. -> AV / -1 / REMOVE

UP-urile se dau pe merit. Nu cersiti UP-uri de la Detinatori pentru ca nu veti primi. -> AV / -1

Nu aveti voie sa jucati cu alt nume decat cu cel pe care aveti admin. -> AV / REMOVE

Daca un admin începe sa baneze jucatorii si adminii de pe server, atunci aveti voie sa-l banati apoi sa anuntati urgent un Detinator.

Singurii care pot folosi comenzi pe admini sunt Detinatorii. (cu un motiv bineinteles)

Este obligatoriu sa aveti o dovada in urma ban-ului dat, dovada consta in demo sau ss. Dovada se tine in PC timp de maxim 3 zile, dupa care poate fi stearsa.

La o eventuala cerere unban / reclamatie, aveti la dispozitie maxim 24 de ore ca sa postati dovada. -> -1 / REMOVE

Intr-o reclamatie au voie sa posteze doar cei implicati + conducerea server-ului. (Detinatorii & Adminii) -> Warn

Se da kick la AFK doar atunci cand serverul este 28/32 sau 32/32. Cand server e gol se muta AFK la spectator. ( amx_spec nume )



Informatii suplimentare

- Parola e confidentiala, doar Detinatorii si respectivul admin o stiu.

- Nu aveti voie sa umblati / modificati cvar-urile server-ului.



AV - Avertisment Verbal

-1 - Down Grade(Scaderea gradului)

Remove - Scoaterea gradului

Warn - Avertisment pe forum

Ban - Interzicere pe server


Regulamentul poate suferi modificari pe parcurs, se prefera a se vizualiza macar o data pe saptamana!

Ne rezervam dreptul de a ne alege jucatorii, atat pe server-ul public, pe cel de mix si pe canalele de TS3!

Cu stima si respect Administratia CS.NPOWERED.RO #FREE VIP WITH HAPPY NEW YEAR!



If you suspect someone of cheating, put a spectator on it and watch carefully (use amx_ss / demo)

Dynamic ip encodings will be banned by name and steamID.

Slap / slay / kick is not given for no reason. -> AV / -1 / REMOVE

Do not abuse the commands csay, tsay, psay, etc. -> AV / -1

The map will only be changed using the amx_votemap and amx_votemapmenu commands. The rule can be canceled if there are less than 10 players on the server and the map is too large or when there are more than 18 players on the server and the map is too small. -> AV / -1

Admins are not allowed to withdraw money on the server without the consent of a Owner and without a request for UnBan. -> -1 / REMOVE

Before making a decision on the server (for example to change the map) consult with the other admins present about it, for a good collaboration between admins.

Admins should check the forum at least once a day.

If you miss a period of more than 7 days, you must make a request to be absent from the dedicated section> REMOVE

To the question "Did you read the rules?" you must answer with "CS.NPOWERED" in order not to be rejected.

The language of the STAFF must be exemplary, swearing is not accepted. -> AV / -1 / REMOVE

UPs are given on merit. Do not ask for UPs from Owners because you will not receive them. -> AV / -1

You are not allowed to play with a name other than the one you have admin. -> AV / REMOVE

If an admin starts banning players and admins from the server, then you are allowed to ban them and then urgently notify a Owner.

The only ones who can use admins commands are the Owners. (with a reason of course)

It is mandatory to have a proof after the given ban, the proof consists in demo or ss. The proof is kept in the PC for a maximum of 3 days, after which it can be deleted.

In the event of a possible request / complaint, you have a maximum of 24 hours to post the proof. -> -1 / REMOVE

Only those involved + the management of the server are allowed to post in a complaint. (Owners & Admins) -> Warn

AFK is kicked only when the server is 28/32 or 32/32. When the server is empty, AFK moves to the viewer. (amx_spec name)


Additional Information

- The password is confidential, only the Owners and the respective admin know it.

- You are not allowed to walk / modify server quartz.


The legend

AV - Verbal Warning

-1 - Down Grade

Remove - Removing the grade

Warn - Forum warning

Ban - Prohibition on server


The regulations may change during the course, it is preferable to view them at least once a week!

We reserve the right to choose our players, both on the public server, on the mix server and on the TS3 channels!

With respect and respect, the CS.NPOWERED.RO #FREE VIP WITH HAPPY NEW YEAR Administration!











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