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What's your all time favorite game and why?


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My all time favorite game is Counter-Strike 1.6, since i was 9 yo and my big brother's friend came to our house and installed this game and showed it to me my first experience was pretty boring on classic but then i started to play on zombie servers and that's why i enjoy this game so much, it can be modded in lots of ways and make a lot of cool stuff, i fell in love with one cso server which isn't alive anymore and the community died aswell since that server kept that community alive and now i try to be original and to create a mod which is different from the others and also that will be liked by the community.


What about you?

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Counter-strike 1.6, Since i started it when i was 5 years, I quit a bit, but always getting back, since it's supporting the poor guys, it doesn't need a high performance pc, So i took it as the best game but it's getting dead, anyways, It's the best game!

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2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - ZE

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - FR

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - ZP

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - SF


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To be honest, i cannot choose between them, so i'll put 5


Gta vice city, san, V & Cs 1.6 & Need for speed most wanted (2005) 🙂


PS : Gta vice city was the first game that i played when i was a kid ❤️ 

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What's your all time favorite game and why?


Counter-Strike 1.6   💖💖💖


Counter-Strike 1.6, released as a mode for Half Life.

This game is a legend and has an important place in my heart.
Due to the game on which it is based, it offers unique systems with all kinds of fashionable servers (modes)

. Modes from Simple to the Most Complex.
   There is no game in the 2000s at this level like Counter-Strike 1.6.
And here I am referring to every system that offers it.
With the release of AMXMODX, the modes have been taken to another level.
And "CSO (Counter-Strike Online by Nexon & Valve." was impressive in its day.
  We can say:  "The best FPS of all time"
The game that made history, along with the pure Gold from which was born "Half-Life 1998 (Game of the Year)" 


That's it. 



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