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[Software] Windows 10 will get a ‘revolutionized’ new look, according to Microsoft


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Microsoft job advert talks of a journey to revolutionize the UI 




Windows 10’s major reworking of the interface coming later this year will be nothing less than revolutionary, at least according to the language Microsoft is using in job ads.

The advert (still live at the time of writing) for a Program Manager in the Windows IXP (Interactive eXperiences Platform) team in the US (Redmond), which was spotted by Windows Latest, states that Microsoft is “now on a multi-year journey to revolutionize the Windows UX platform by delivering best interactive experiences, showcasing cutting-edge hardware”.

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We’re already expecting big things from the ‘Sun Valley’ interface revamp which is expected to arrive with the 21H2 update towards the end of the year, based not just on a multitude of leaks, but also the kind of language seen here which Microsoft has used in the past, too.

Windows Latest also points to another job listing, which has since been taken down, that enthuses about a “multi-year journey to re-imagine this platform with the goal of enabling the best interactive experiences on Windows”.


Vive la rounded corners!
In short, Microsoft has major plans which are a big deal for Windows 10 in the future. Indeed, we’ve already heard that the UI overhaul will be felt across the entire Windows 10 desktop experience, from the Action Center through to the Start menu, and pretty much everything in-between.

Most recently it’s been reported that Microsoft is taking elements of Windows 10X to use in Windows 10 – after 10X got shelved – and that the Sun Valley redesign will make extensive use of rounded corners, plus floating menus, aiming to achieve a more modern look overall (based on Fluent Design concepts), complete with a raft of refreshed icons and animations.

In terms of porting stuff over from Windows 10X, the most recent leak indicates that the Action Center design from 10X could be brought across – or at least it’s present, albeit hidden, in recent preview builds of Windows 10.


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