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[Sell] - Counter-Strike Server


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Nume : Nabil

Prenume : playboy.exe

Locația unde vinzi ( dacă faci predare în mână ) : Selling in forum, from ogp.

Produs : Counter-Strike Server - 2 Months

Descriere produs ( stare , aspect, durata de când îl aveți ) : it's a counter-strike server, I have my own servers, so i got a new vps, and it duration is 2 months, and i just want to sell it to who need it.

Poze ( poze cu produsul pus la vânzare ) : Not important.

Preț : 2 Euro

Metodă de plată ( paypal, transfer bancar, monedă virtuală ) : paypal

Modalitate de contact : pm forum, Messenger, Steam.





2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - ZE

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - FR

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - ZP

2dF2JCB.gifConnect : - SF


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