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5 Tips for Developers Navigating a Rapidly Changing Industry


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5 Tips for Developers Navigating a Rapidly Changing Industry

The IT development world isn't what it used to be in some important ways. That has new developers and engineers wondering how to adapt.

It's not just the kinds of linear software and hardware advances that you'd expect from incremental version changes and slow advances in platform efficiency. Some philosophical and top-level design changes apply to the field.

One symbol of that is the emergence of the system known as “DevOps”. Combining traditional development and operations, DevOps makes what used to be a staged linear experience into an agile network of moving parts, as in a rapid web development (RWD) framework or platform. These platforms, such as Velo by Wix, are making devops a bit less relevant, as Velo offers dev tools that make it easier to run and manage web apps.

So what do developers and engineers do these days to stay with the times?

Here are some of the best professional tips that we've gotten to allow programmers and developers to move forward confidently, in the age of decentralized technology, DevOps and the abstracted, virtualized interface. (Read also: DevOps 101)

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